I had a couple of disturbing dreams that I was doing something against halacha. is it something I should ignore or is there something I should do about it?


In general we are not particular about dreams nowadays, because we don’t really know how to interpret them properly; only a Rebbe can tell us their meaning.

Sometimes the yetzer hara tries to make us feel lowly by making us have such dreams, and we must ignore them and continue serving Hashem with joy. The Rebbe suggested to people that were disturbed by dreams try to find a positive interpretation for it,  be careful about saying Krias Shema at night, check the mezuza of the room they sleep in, and give tzedaka every erev shabbos and yom tov (men should also check their tefillin, give tzedaka every day as well as mikva).

However since dreams may be due to things we think about during the day, we must find ways to stop ourselves from having such thoughts (even thinking about a past dream). I suggest you discuss this with your mashpia (especially if you may be struggling with some of the things you dreamed about).


תניא פכ”ט. אג”ק ח”ה ע’ מט. ח”ז ע’ רצ. חי”ג ע’ תט. חי”ד ע’ שכו.