Vacation during the Nine Days



Hi! My family isn’t frum yet, and there is a family vacation booked in the mountains, beginning on Sunday before Roch Chodesh Av and ending on Friday 3 Av. I really, really want to go and see my mother and sister, who I haven’t seen much these past few years. My mother made a lot of changes to accommodate me, and I hesitate to ask her to change ANOTHER thing for me, especially when she’s already paid in full. I could leave before R”C Av, but I don’t get many chances to see my family and that would mean missing half of it.

Can I stay the full time, arriving back in Brooklyn before Shabbos? Can I go swimming before the 9 Days start? Can I go on outings with them during the 9 days so that I don’t miss out on time with them? If I do, should I try to limit how much fun I have? Is it okay to travel back to Brooklyn from the mountains during the 9 Days, either on Thursday night or Friday morning?

Thank you.



  • You can stay the full time, you should begin packing into your suitcase before the 3 weeks begin.
  • You can go swimming before the 9 Days start.
  • You can go on outings with them during the 9 days. If possible try to avoid things that are exhilarating vs. fun, for example, an amusement park.
  • Also, try to avoid long trips and any other dangerous activities.
  • You can travel back home.


הכנות לנסיעה קודם בין המצרים – שערי הלכה ומנהג ח”ה ע’ קיב. ובשיחות-קודש תשכ”ה ח”ב ע’ 230: מזוודה או אפילו מספר ממחטות.

לא מצינו לאסור הנסיעה לביתה. ובפרט לצורך שבת ושמירתה, ושיהיה לה יותר עונג שבת וכו’.

כל הבא לעיל הוא משום הכרחיות הנסיעה – לצורך מצוה – כיבוד אם, ובפרט לפי מה שכותבת.