Is it permitted to use Ma’aser money for a teacher training course?


Maaser is intended to benefit the poor. Nonetheless, it is customary to use Maaser money for other non obligatory mitzvos. If this is an obligatory training course, Maaser may not be used. Even if it is optional, it would not be proper to use it to pay for a local teacher training course. However, you may certainly deduct the cost of this teaching course as a “business expense” from your revenue, and you will not need to give Maaser on this amount.

[There are general leniencies in the Halachos of Maaser for one who is struggling to meet basic living expenses, but that is a separate question.]

This is not a endorsement for any course or organization.


See Rema (Y.D. 249:1 & Taz 249:1).

Although improving chinuch is a mitzvah on some level, nonetheless, this isn’t one of those mitzvos which Masser can be used for. Taking the course is indeed an aid in chinuch but is considered personal usage, as it helps one find a job or get a better salary.

The only allowance of using Maaser money would be if there is no obligation to pay and there is a “suggested donation price”. One could choose to donate their Maaser to that cause. However this is usually not applicable for tuition for a teacher training course.