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May I use Maaser Money to buy an expensive set of Seforim for myself and pay back to Maaser slowly? (Or can i use Maaser at the outset to just pay for the Seforim (I think I heard that Maaser could be used for Seforim)?)


One may “borrow” from their Maaser funds (but not from a Pushka).


ראה שו”ע יו”ד סי’ רנז ס”ג שיכול להפריש צדקה וליתן על יד על יד. ועיין ט”ז סק”ג. ובדרך אמונה פ”ז מתנ”ע ס”ק ח כ”כ לגבי מעשר.


Regarding buying with Maaser money, please see here:

What are the guidelines for using Maaser to buy Seforim? May this be done?




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