Is there any issue in teaching the last Perek of Mishnayos Moad Katan to children as part of a camp curriculum, being that it deals a lot with the subject of Aveilus?


Although there is a reservation regarding learning the laws of Aveilus when not necessary, this does not apply to learning mishnayos and gemara which is not Halacha L’maase, especially when not studied independently but as part of a complete Masechta.


ראה קובץ רז”ש ע’ 63. אג״ק חל”ב ע׳ פט. ועוד: “כיון דדשו בי’ רבים שומר פתאים ה'” – ראה התוועדויות תשמ”ב ע’ 2028, והנלקט בשולחן מנחם ח״ד סע״א. ובהערות שם.