At what point does an ill person recite Birchas Hagomel?



If someone had an uncontrollable infection, to the point of almost dying and actually saying Vidui twice and now is infection free (although there is no saying it won’t come back again) would they say Hagomel?



According to all opinions, one recites Hagomel when healed from an illness which is of potential mortal danger. The definition of mortal danger here is a sickness which requires one potentially to be Mechalel Shabbos. Ashkenazim recite Hagomel even if the illness is non mortal but confines the person to bed for 3 days or more. (According to many Sephardi authorities, Hagomel is recited when healed from any sickness which confines the to bed for any amount of time).



ראה נו״כ השו״ע ריט, ח. סדר ברה״נ יג, ו. (ובמנהג ספרדים – ראה בא״ח ש״א עקב. וחלקו עליו בכה”ח ריט, מו. חזו”ע ע׳ שעא; אול”צ ב, יד, מד).