How to Bake Pareve Challah in a Meat Oven



We want to bake challahs in a meat oven – but to keep them pareve.

So I know the oven has to be cleaned and preheated and that the Challah should not be placed directly on the metal trays.

My question is: what does it mean to clean the oven? Do All racks and corners and walls of the oven have to be spotless with no residue or liquid? If it’s not used for 24 hours is this not an issue if it’s not totally cleaned?



The tray should be clean. Anywhere on the walls which clearly has residue or fat (liquid) has to be cleaned, even after 24hours.

You need not remove burnt residue.

(As you mentioned, the challos should be placed on an aluminum pan or so, and the oven should be preheated).


יו״ד קג׳ ה.