I have an electric stove with a glass top, not an induction stovetop. Up until this point it has been used only for Fleishig. Can I use it for Milchig outrightly as we generally do with gas stoves or is this different? And how?


Electric burners with a glass stovetop are different than gas burners in that the glass will also need to be Kashered. Due to the extremely technical and halachic difficulties, glass should not be Kashered.

Option 1: To cover the burner with something (like a blech) when cooking milchig. However, this may damage the glass.

Option 2: In the event that you have no other way to cook milchig, one may be lenient and Kasher the stovetop. This should be done by cleaning the area well, waiting 24 hours, turning on the burner to the highest setting for a few minutes and pouring hot water on it. The areas in between the burners should be considered fleishig.

This is not preferred because the Minhag is not to Kasher glass, as well as other potential concerns, however, one may be lenient as stated above. Note that this may also damage the glass.