Is it allowed to comb the beard?



The Rebbe writes in a letter לקו”ש חלק ז’ עמוד 325 that it is permitted to comb your beard with a comb. what does the Rebbe mean by writing in another letter לקו”ש חלק ל”ב עמוד 249 that it has to be a proper comb. In other words, what type of comb are you allowed to use?

Is it better not to comb your beard at all or on the contrary הואיל ונפק מפומי’ה?

Just to note, the Rebbe mentions in the above mentioned letter חלק ז about the כיבוד אם that will come as a result of him combing his beard.



One may comb their beard, provided the comb will not definitely pull out hair.



כך הוא הכוונה במכתבים הנ”ל. ובמקום שאינו פס״ר אין חשש, כבנזיר שחופף ולא סורק. ואין להדר במקום שנוגע לכבוד הבריות, וכש”כ במקום כיבוד אם.