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Is reflexology problematic as it is eastern medicine? It is massage (an accepted practice) but is the essence of it problematic? They use the idea of “meridians” and points on the feet that correspond to the body.  


There are various types of reflexology. If no energy healing or meditation is used then it’s not forbidden.

One may halachically use medical treatments even if it is based upon a pseudoscientific system and there is no convincing evidence that it it’s effective for medical conditions.

For more about alternative medicine, see here:

If I work as an energy healing (Reiki) practitioner, may I work on women?

1) Is there any Halachic source for following a holistic diet instead of following a legal doctor? 2) What Is the definition of a “Rofe Yedid”? Is it only a family doctor? Or is a professional neurologist also counted?

ראה גם שו״ע אדה״ז שא, לד.



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