Am I allowed to cook salmon on a barbecue during the nine days?


The salmon is going to sit on lemon slices, so not directly on the barbecue.



There are a couple of issues to address here:

Cooking fish in a meat utensil – All year-round, it is forbidden to eat fish when it is cooked with meat. Some have the custom (based on the Tur) to not even cook the fish in a clean meat pot. If that is your family custom, then you should not place the fish on the meat BBQ. Especially here, given that lemons (which is potentially a Davar Charif) will be used as well, and there are additional Poskim who are strict about cooking fish in a meat pot when a Davar Charif is present. However, widespread practice is like the Poskim who are lenient in these regards, so if you don’t have a family Minhag to be strict, you may be lenient. However, you should ensure the BBQ is clean from meat.

Eating the fish with dairy – Being that the fish is cooked in a meat utensil, and given the presence of the lemons, you could not eat the fish or the lemons with dairy. However, you do not need to wait six hours before eating dairy.

Cooking Parve with a Davar Charif in the Nine Days – This is permissible, given that the taste of meat is not tangible.

Important – All of this applies assuming that the BBQ grill has been properly cleaned, and there is no tangible residue of meat remaining.