Sewing in the 9 days for an upcoming wedding



We are having a Chasuna IYH on the 18th of Av. A non-Jewish seamstress is making my dress (I am the mother of the bride), she started it already;

  1. Can I go for a fitting during the 9 days?
  2. My daughter (sister of the bride) is coming back from camp on the 4th of Av, 2 weeks before the wedding. The seamstress said she will see her right away but just now I realized it’s the 9 days. Will it help if I buy the material before the 9 days and tell her to start the work now? How should I handle this?



It is ok for both of you to go for fitting in the 9 days, providing that:

  1. It’s not possible to finish before the 9 days or start after the 9 days and finish on time for the Chasuna.
  2. It’s not going to be ready in the middle of the 9 days.

Preferably they should start the job before the 9 days.



שו”ע תקנ”א, ז וברמ”א שם. מג”א ס”ק כה. ועיין מג”א ס”ק ח. ובנתן קודם ר”ח אפילו לישראל נהגו להקל – עיין מג”א סקכ”ד.