Cleaning During the Nine Days



I have heard that intense cleaning during the 9 days is forbidden. I need to find a roommate to move in Sept 1 and would like to clean, organize, get rid of things, move furniture, etc. to prepare for showing the apartment to potential roommates. Is this ok or should I wait until after the 9 days?



This custom is not mentioned in Shulchan Aruch. However, it is brought down in other sources. Even in those communities who have accepted this custom it is only forbidden because it brings joy.

If in your case it doesn’t bring joy rather just so you can find a new roommate it is permissible.



 עיין שו”ע סי’ תקנא סעי’ ב ובנו”כ. וראה שלמת חיים ד, ד, כד. מוע״ז ח, שלח. וראה דיון בזה בשו”ת יבי”א ח”ג סי’ לא ס”ק ה.