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Is it acceptable to use Maaser to train in First Aid/CPR/AED, being that it is to save other people’s lives and rarely benefits the trainee?


You would be able to use Maaser if all of the following apply:

1. You are not benefitting financially from this training, such as by obtaining a paid job on the basis of this qualification. [If you should wish to obtain a paid job, you could not use Maaser for the training, but you may nevertheless deduct the cost of your training from your future salary before calculating Maaser from it.]

2. There is no one else who should be paying for this training. [For example, if your intention is to work at a non-Tzedokoh organisation, even in a volunteer capacity, they should really be the ones paying for the training, and not Maaser.]

3. There is a clear and unambiguous public benefit that warrants Maaser being spent on your training. For example, you have actual concrete plans to volunteer in an environment that has a clear lack of required safety professionals, and that you will be volunteering for enough hours to justify the cost of your training.






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