Can a baby boy wear gender neutral clothing that a baby girl has worn before?



However, the very first garment after birth should not be one that the opposite gender has worn before. In today’s day and age where mothers give birth in the hospital, people are particular about the very first garments that they dress the child when taking them home from the hospital.


מלבוש המיוחד לאנשים ונשים – ראה כאן:

Tzivos Hashem has identical sweatshirts and caps for boys and girls. Is there a problem with this?

אחרי הלידה – ראה של״ה תושב״כ תצא לא ילבש. והובא בס׳ זכירה. חותם קודש ט, י. כה״ח קטז, קט. לקוטי מאיר ח, ג.

ובזמנינו – כן מקובל.