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Tzivos Hashem has identical sweatshirts and caps for boys and girls. Is there a problem with this?


There is no problem with clothing which by nature are the same for men and women.

Nonetheless, there should be other ways to identify between man and woman, when they are so young that the general male and female features aren’t so discernible. This can be achieved by other garments.


טעמים ומקורות:

ראה מהרש״א נדרים מט, ב. שו״ת אהלי יעקב למהריק״ש ע. הגהות יעב״ץ שבת יב, א. שו״ת לב חיים פלאגי ג, כו. שד״ח מערכת ל כלל קטז.





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