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I want to really know and remember what I learn. I want this to be to the extent that I become a בקי. Is there any practical advice you can offer? I know חזרה is important. But within Chazarah there is so much. Looking for practical advice. (Example, Chazer 5 blot 10x then move on and etc. then chazer whole masechta etc. Something like that)


It’s very hard to give advice about this matter because it really depends on the particular circumstances of the individual, his capacity etc. It is worthwhile talking with one of your teachers or mentors who knows you  very well and can best assist you in this matter.

I will only make here some general observations:

Review of the material is affected by two fundamental variables, the level of understanding and the motivation. We are likely to remember better and longer if the information makes sense to us. Likewise, if we are very motivated to know this information we are more likely to retain it for longer periods.

As for the revision itself, there is effective review versus ineffective review. It’s important to schedule appropriate gaps between the times of revision. These gaps should grow over time. In other words, the first review should be scheduled immediately after studying the material. The next review should take place a bit later. Every revision should be further away than the previous revisions. Put simply, we should always start reviewing when we are starting to forget the material but before we have forgotten it completely.

The method of revision is also quite important. We should revise by using our own words, making summaries and mnemonics to aid in memory, and writing down the material, in addition to actually reading over the same text again and again.

Other important ideas are: studying with others, studying in a specious enjoyable environment, using clearly typset text, sticking to the same layout of the text all the time, verbalizing what we are learning, learning in a loud voice, learning with a Nigun, teaching others the material, removing all distractions when learning, having a set schedule when learning, always trying to learn the reason for the Halacha, learning Lishmah, learning with humility and Bittul to Hashem, being careful with Netilas Yadayim, having Yiras Shomayim, making Birchas HaTorah with Kavanah, and most importantly davening to Hashem that we succeed.



ראה בספר האפודי. ס׳ לחם לפי הטף (ושם שכמה ראה מהעצות נרמזים בתהילים קיט יא-טז). הנלקט בהאוצר גליון טז.




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