I am interested in converting to Judaism, however, I am transgender…



I am interested in converting to Judaism. However, I am transgender and I have done a lot of research as to whether this is accepted in Judaism, however I can’t find any solid answer. Is it accepted in reform Judaism but not orthodox Judaism. Can you help me?



It really depends what you mean when you say that you are transgender. In Judaism there’s a major distinction between emotions and behaviors. Well certain practices are forbidden according to Jewish law, the desires per se are not proscribed in the Torah.

I suggest you discuss with the Beth Din overseeing the conversion these issues in a clear and candid manner, in order that you receive the most satisfactory answers to your concerns.

Conversion is something that can be done only under the auspices of a bona fide Beth Din consisting of three G-d fearing and fully observant rabbis.


PS. Conversion is a process where a Jewish identity, or more correctly a jewish soul is confered upon someone. There is only one way this can happen, when following the process as outlined by the Originator of all souls, G-d.

This process is refered to as Halacha, Jewish law and is based on the Talmud and Codes as practiced by Jews the world over for millennia.

Consider this: you can only become a US citizen if you follow the guidelines set up by the US government to recieve citizenship. Anybody else offering to confer upon you the status of US citizen would be engaging in unethical shams, acting illegally and would be prosecuted by law.

How much more so when it comes to matters of faith, affecting our very soul and essence: no one has the right to tamper with or even modify the sacred law of conversion as defined by G-d himself.

I don’t particularly like the labels of various strands of Judaism. There’s no such thing as Reform Judaism vs. other strands of Judaism. It’s either Judaism or not.

If your conversion will be done according to Halacha, it is an authentic conversion and the status of Jew will be confered upon you by none other than G-d himself. Moreover, you’ll recieve a special Jewish soul. If any other man-made process is done, it has nothing to do with conversion nor with Judaism.