Can you set up (and take apart) a Pack ‘N Play Portacrib on Shabbos?


The type that we have – you open it, and push down the center, and pull up the sides. Then you take the cover it was wrapped in and put it at the bottom as the mattress. It is a heavy structure.

If it is fine to open on Shabbos are there types of porta cribs that would not be ok?



They may be opened on Shabbos.

However, if screws or bolts need to be tightened, or it needs to be interlocked on Shabbos, it is forbidden.

There is an issue with the removable bottom. It should be first held in the air and the crib be pushed underneath it. This usually requires two people. In those type of cribs where the mattress is attached, there is no issue.


אדה״ז שטו, ט. שם יג.




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