What’s the correct way to check cabbage?

Here are two methods:

Method 1:

1. Remove the four outer leaves and discard them.
2. Check the outside of the head. If there is a hole that penetrates into the head, cut around the hole into the depth of the head as far as the hole penetrates.
3. Freeze the head of cabbage in a freezer for at least forty-eight hours.
4. Remove the head of cabbage from the freezer and let it defrost.
5. Direct a stream of water at the leaves, on both sides, making sure to cover every spot.

Method 2:

1. Clean the cabbage by removing all dirt and unclean layers.
2. Separate all leaves and soak in water with Veggie Wash/liquid soap for 5 minutes. Empty basin by removing cabbage with both hands (holding loosely) in small bunches and rinsing under running water.
3. Soak and agitate in clean water without soap for about 3 minutes. Then pour the water through the mesh cloth and check the cloth with a strong overhead light or lightbox. If insects are found repeat the process until the cloth is insect-free.
4. If, after checking the third time, there are still insects, the cabbage should not be used.