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Candy for Mishloach Manos?



In Igros Kodesh (Vol. 20 page 177) the Rebbe brings candy as an example for Mishloach Manos. My question is, doesn’t the מנה need to be a כזית? Aren’t candies usually less then a כזית?



The choice of examples in that letter was addressed in התמים אדר תשס״א at length. From memory, the issue of kezayis has been noted there too.

Three points bear mention:

  1. A kezayis is much smaller than many of us think; it’s the volume of a bit under a third of an average egg (or about half an egg, according to the more stringent view).
  2. Candy in this context is a general name for sweets. There are many lollipops in the market that fit the criteria
  3. In a Sicha, ז׳ אדר תשל״ו, the Rebbe mentions the possibility of having one kezayis for both types of food combined. Since this letter deals with kids mishloach manos, perhaps the Rebbe was lenient in accordance with this position.




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