Returning late from Mivtzoyim before Shabbos with not enough time to shower




When going on mivtzoim on Friday, by the time I come back I usually do have not enough time to go home and change.

Is it enough to change when I shower Friday morning while having in mind Shabbos, and/or change the next morning on Shabbos?



Both are not acceptable options, although the first option is certainly better.

The correct thing is to come back much earlier.



ראה שו״ע אדה״ז רנו, א. קו״א רנא, א. קצוה״ש סט בבדה״ש ה. ערוה״ש רמט, ג שלחן הטהור שם ב. סה״ש תרצ״א ע׳ 210. תשורה ווילישאנסקי אלול תשנ״ח ע׳ 14.