Can non-Mevushal wine be sold individually?



If a bottle of non mevushal wine is sold individually (not in the case), and goyim are the ones that work in the store (putting the bottle on the shelves) is it a problem?

Does it make a difference if the bottle is see through or frosted glass?



Halachically, there is no issue if it is closed bottles.

However, some people are meticulous about a non-Jew even not seeing their wine (aside from not touching it). This is something which is not mentioned in traditional halachic sources. Many individuals have adopted this stringency and keep their wine bottles covered with a paper bag so that it should not be seen by a non-Jew.

The common custom is to limit this practice to wine used for Kiddush, Havdalah, Zimun, and other mitzvos.

It is debatable whether this stringency applies also to sealed bottles.

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