Is this visualization technique problematic?



My granddaughter has a very hard time falling asleep, wakes up at night and can’t fall back to sleep, and is starting to worry about herself.

I have a visualization technique for kids that looks like it could be helpful. But I want to make sure it’s not Avodah Zara before sharing it.

If it is basically kosher, I could add in “feel trust in Hashem inside your heart,” “feel Hashem giving you strength,” etc.

This is the technique:

Purpose: feel strong and rested
Close your eyes.
Imagine the dark sky at night.
Look up at the bright stars.
See the word STAR in your mind.
Imagine the letters S-T-A-R on the inside of your eyelids.
As you look at the letter S, breathe in strength.
Feel strength inside your body.
As you look at the letter T,
breathe in trust.
Feel trust inside your heart.
As you look at the letter A, breathe in awareness.
Feel awareness inside your mind.
As you look at the letter R, breathe in rest.
Feel rest inside your whole self.

Now picture a beautiful bright shining star.
Feel the peace of the night sky.
Let your own star be very special for you.
See how brightly it shines.



This may be done.

However, it is better to use ideas that are mentioned in Torah.

Examples: thinking about waves or techiyas hameisim; taking a sefer to learn; don’t say that you’re going to sleep, say you’re going to rest.

The Rebbe advises in various letters, in addition to following medical instructions, some of the following: reciting Shema before retiring, removing their mind from the problem and having strong bitachon, making sure they have a proper diet, eating light foods an hour or two before sleeping, set times for eating and sleeping, checking the mezuzah (for men – their Tefillin) in their room, having a kosher mezuzah near their bed (if necessary – with two covers), checking the kashrus of their food and drink, giving tzedaka every weekday morning before davening, saying daily Tehillim, for men – sleeping with tallis katan.



ראה יפ״ל רלט, ב בקו״א, ס׳ המדות ערך אמונה יז – הובאו בארחות חיים ספינקא רלט, ד. ובס׳ לדרוש אלקים ד, ד. שלחן רבותינו בעלזא רלט, א – א׳ רל.

אג״ק ד ע׳ קנט. טו ע׳ שו. יז ע׳ קסט. שם ע׳ רמה. יח ע׳ שנח. וראה אג״ק ד ע׳ תמג.

וראה שו״ע אדה״ז שא, לג.