What should a Jew do if they said the bedtime Shema and still had a bad dream? How do they stop having the dreams?


In the Rebbe’s letters we find that the Rebbe suggested to people experiencing not good dreams:

• Not to think of the bad dreams.

• Dreams come from the thoughts of the day. So, if you take care of the reason by only having good thoughts throughout the day, the outcome would automatically go away.

• Be careful with regards to Krias Shma before bed.

• Check the Mezuzos and (a women should make sure to check her husband’s) Tefillin by a scribe to ensure that they are still kosher.

• Give Tzedaka before candle lighting before Shabbos and Yom Tov and (the husband should give) on Monday and Thursday before Shacharis.

• Men should be careful with regards to Tevilas Ezra.

• Strengthen your faith in Hashem that he is the ultimate good and wants to do only good for every Jew, and that conducting oneself according to His Torah is the way to receive the blessings.


אג”ק חי”ג ע’ תט. חי”ד ע’ שכה.


I had a couple of disturbing dreams that I was doing something against halacha. is it something I should ignore or is there something I should do about it?