Hatofas Dam Bris for Mekurovim


When dealing with Mekuravim who had a bris but not in a kosher way – not 8 days, and/or in a hospital: how important is it for them to redo and have hatafas dam? As it is it’s not easy to convince someone to have a bris, but here it’s an additional hishtadlus. I’m currently dealing with 2 situations – one is a 5 year old and the other is in his 50’s. Can this be pushed off or does it have the same sense of urgency that a regular bris has?


There is a Machlokes whether they were yotzeh the mitzva of Milah. The general consensus is that Hatofas Dam Bris is necessary.

Additionally, in many situations the circumcision done in the hospital is regardless not halachically valid and they are still an ערל. A bris should be done as soon as possible just like one that had no bris.

I wish to add that in order to be able to tell whether or not a bris has had the proper amount of skin taken off, one must be a mohel trained in adults who has shimush dealing with shailos in tziztin hameakvin. Very often a bris where one is an arel can seem to the untrained eye like he is a nimol, and on the other hand a nimol might also seem like an arel. One who has training only in babies does not have the proper experience to be able to tell this. Certainly, a person who has no experience in mila whatsoever.


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