Does care need to be taken that the Tefillin Shel Rosh straps should not flip over?



What is the source for being careful that the straps hanging from the Tefillin Shel Rosh should not flip over?

Is it necessary to put them in one’s belt/gartel to prevent that?



The Pri Megodim writes that to beautify the Mitzva, one should be careful that even the straps hanging if the front should be hanging with the black side towards the outside. However, the Alter Rebbe writes that one need not be careful at all that the straps hanging in the front should not turn over. Therefore, there is no need to tuck it into your belt.

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ראה שו”ע סי’ כז סי”א. מג”א שם סקי”ז. פמ”ג שם. שוע”ר שם סי”ט. העו”ב אה”ת גליון תרצט ע’ 28 ואילך. שם גליון תש ע’ 83 ואילך. שם גליון תשא ע’ 29 ואילך. גליון תשח ע’ 65 ואילך.