Birchas Kohanim in a Sefardic Shul



Is there any specific behavior to follow during weekdays or Shabbos Birkat Kohanim in Sefardi minyan? I’ve seen some leave the room for that time.



There is no reason to leave if you are listening and receiving the Bracha, and on the contrary, one should davka stay. (On occasion the Rebbe spoke of the benefit all Yidden recive from the daily birchas kohanim of the Sfardim).

However, one should not say the ribono shel olam for dreams (as we always say on Yom Tov), unless there is a particular negative dream that they had recently, which one seeks to transform. Likewise, a non-Sfardic Kohen may stay in the room and Duchan. See here:

I am a Cohen and I daven in a non Lubavitch Shul. On Shabbos they ask me to do Birkas Cohanim. Should I?