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Reading Megillah in a Shooting Range



I was asked to be part of a very unique Megillah reading:

To read Megillah to a group of Jews who do shooting practice -together. They basically want someone to read Megillah to them as they are wearing their ear protection or ear muffs – because they plan on shooting at a target when Haman’s name is being read. (I also would be wearing some ear protection as well).

So my question is:

If we would still be able to hear my reading while wearing ear protection – will this still be a kosher reading or is it an issue that there is a separation of ear protections?



The following answer is only about hearing Megilah while wearing ear protection, without commenting on the appropriateness of the “shooting during the Megilah”, since we are not aware of the circumstances of your involvement and control over the venue.

One fulfills his obligation of hearing Megillah, even when wearing ear protection, as long as they can hear every word.



ראה: שו”ת הלכות קטנות ח”ב סי’ מ”ה, שו”ת חתם סופר אבה”ע ח”ב סי’ צ”ב, שו”ת פני מבין או”ח סי’ ק”ג אות ב’, תשובת הגרצ”פ פראנק נדפס בשו”ת מנחת יצחק ח”ב סי’ קי”ג, ועוד.