What to look out for when buying Mehudar Tefillin



Since it’s my first time buying tefillin for my son, I have some questions:

Is there a preference that the sofer be a married person as opposed to a bochur?

Regarding hiddurim in the klaf, battim and retzuos, what can you tell me that I should be on the lookout for and try to make an effort to obtain?




No preference per se that the sofer be married. He should be at least 18 years old.

The most important thing is that the sofer is a Yirei Shamaim.

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There are many more hiddurim, too numerous to list. You can learn about them in books dedicated to this matter, such as:

  • Inside Stam: A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Tefillin Mezuzot Megillot Sifrei Torah & Nevi’im
  • מדריך לקניית תפלין
  • בירורים למעשה בעניני תפילין
  • etc.


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