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Giving Tzedakah Daily



There are organizations who charge a lump sum from you monthly or yearly and then distribute daily tzedakah.

Is this considered to be giving tzedakah daily or does one have to physically give tzedakah, such as the act of putting in the pushka, etc.



Yes, it is considered to be giving tzedaka daily. Indeed, the Rebbe established a fund, named Keren Hashana for this specific purpose, and strongly encourage that people give tzedaka in the beginning of the year for the entire year to this fund. The Rebbe offered various advantages to giving to this fund, among them, the fact that some people might occasionally forget to give tzedaka or they might be out of cash.

Regarding giving via an app, see here:

Is giving Tzedakah through an app the same as putting coins into a pushka?


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