Taharas Hamishpacha issues from the vaccine



Recently an audio clip started making its rounds where someone quotes Rabbonim as saying that the covid vaccine has been causing issues for women with spotting and not being able to get clean for months.

I know the Rabbonim aren’t responsible for every rumor in their name, but being that this is something that can affect many women and I don’t want to make decisions based on rumors and hearsay, I just wanted to clarify, have the Rabbonim been getting a higher-than-normal amount of Shaalos from women who got vaccinated lasting for more than 1-2 cycles after the shot? And are there any concerns regarding Taharas Hamishpacha with getting the vaccine?



This information is incorrect. From my personal experience and after investigation with other rabbonim too, there is absolutely no basis for this rumor. This has been verified with Rabbonim who work specifically in the area of answering taharas hamishpacha questions full time, fielding Taharas Hamishpacha Hotlines, and heading a Beis Hora’ah for taharas hamishpacha matters.

There are many rumors, lies, half-truths and propaganda out there. In this matter specifically, I’ve heard so-called “reliable sources” quoting in the name of a particular well-known Rav, who deals regularly with taharas hamishpacha that he has seen such issues, only to find out upon investigation directly with him, that he too states that in his experience – as well as his investigation with others – this is untrue.

As always, I suggest that any information relating to medical issues such as vaccines should be gleaned from medical professionals and doctors. When there are conflicting opinions, as in any other matter, one should follow the majority opinion, the consensus established by mainstream doctors. This is the general halachic viewpoint, and particularly when it comes to medical issues.

This is all the more critical nowadays when there is an alarming rise in conspiracy theories on social media. The non-discerning individual, and many of us belong to that category, particularly if not steeped in a solid medical education, would have a difficult time being able to separate fact from fiction. Therefore, the first rule of thumb is not to believe anything shared about medical issues and everything must be checked and verified with the professionals.


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