Havdalah Candle & Hagomel for Women



Motzei Shabbos my dining room table and chairs went up in flames as a result of a havdala candle that wasn’t put out well. B”H I was able to put out the fire and wasn’t hurt.

When I told a friend she said that  she heard from a rav that single women who live by themselves should not make havdala with a candle – only liquid (not wine or grape juice) and bisomim. Should I follow this?

Also can I bentch Hagomel? And if so how do I go about doing it at 770?



Single women or married women are obligated to make or hear havdalah. This includes, besides for the bracha of havdalah, a bracha on wine or grape juice. In extreme circumstances there is room to permit making havdalah on local distinguished beverages such as coffee or tea. They should also make a bracha on besamim.

There is a disagreement whether they are obligated in the bracha on the fire. The common custom is that they recite the bracha on fire. Even those who maintain a women is exempt, agree that she may recite the bracha. Some have the custom that women don’t gaze at their nails to the light of the fire. Obviously safety precautions must be taken.

The custom is that women don’t bentch hagomel. It’s advisable to have kavanah when reciting the beracha hagomel chasidim tovim in the morning brachos. Likewise, to hear Barchu in shule. Tzedaka should also be given.



מאורי האש – ראה כאן:

Do Women Make a Bracha on the Fire by Havdalah?

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