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Do I have to add wine to the Becher of Havdalah after the Bracha on the fire?


And is there an inyan to do so by kiddush too if wine pours off the becher during kiddush?



Yes, the cup should be refilled if it spills and is not full before the Beracha of Havdala (or kiddush) and certainly if it is not full before the Beracha of Hagafen is said.

See also Halacha2go.com #92: Spilling Wine



ראה שוע”ר סי’ קפג סעיף ד. סי’ קפב ס”ד. סי’ רעא סי”ח. סי’ רצו ס”ה. וכן ראינו מעשה רב בהבדלה כו”כ פעמים, ולדוגמא מוצאי ר”ה תשמ”ט ומוצאי שמחת תורה תשמ”ח.