Bris on Shabbos: When to Make Kiddush



Our son’s bris is scheduled for Shabbos. We are planning on doing it shortly (not immediately) after Mussaf.

What is the best conduct in regards to kiddush? Should the one who makes the Bracha after the Bris over a cup of wine and the people have in mind to be yoitze kiddush with the hagofen of asher kideish? Or is it better to have it separate?

Note: There will be Mezonos for Makom Seuda at the place of the bris.



If kiddush was not made before the Bris, the person who is making the Berachos can drink the wine and is Yotzeh Kiddush if it is Bemokom Seudah. This would work for the listeners as well.


ראה שוע”ר סי’ רעג סעיף ט. שם במוסגר ובסעיף ז.



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