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Is it a minhag to say my wife’s kapitel Tehillim?



Is it a minhag/inyan to say my wife’s kapitel Tehillim? I have been doing it since we got married, but someone told me there’s no source for it. Also, if it’s true that it’s not an inyan, should I stop? Personally, I don’t mind having less Tehillim to say, although it feels weird to say my kapitel, the kids’ kapitelach, and not my wife’s.



Although not specifically recorded anywhere as a Minhag (as far as I know), it would seem to be an Inyan (in addition to the general merit of reciting Tehillim). See here:

Saying a person’s Kappitel of Tehillim responding to their age when in need for a Refuah

See also comments here:

Is there an Inyan for a father to get an Aliyah for a son (who is under Bar Mitzvah) and a daughter, on the Shabbos before their birthday? Is there an Inyan to get an Aliyah on their birthday if it falls out on a Monday or Thursday?

And, most importantly, so was the Rebbe’s custom, to say the Rebbetzin’s kapital.

P.S.: In any case, if you wish to stop, you’ll have to perform Hatoras Nedarim.