When the match goes out before you finished to light all your Shabbos candles



When lighting Shabbos candles, and the flame on the match goes out before finishing to light all the candles, what is the best way to light the remainder of the candles?

Are we permitted to light a match using the flame of the already lit candle or should we strike the match?



You may light the remaining candle(s) directly from another Shabbos candle which was already lit, but not light a match from it.

Alternatively, you may strike a new match to light the remaining candle(s).

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Halacha2go.com article #621: May I use a Shabbos or Yom Tov candle as a pre-existing flame?

Of course, as you pointed out in your question, all this applies only if the match etc. went out before finishing to light all the candles.