Can I consider accepting a job in the field of Law enforcement if it may require me to testify against a Jew?



I am considering a career in law enforcement as a forensic accountant. This means that I would be gathering financial evidence to be used in litigation proceedings. Depending on the job, this may only entail analyzing transactions and preparing reports for the attorneys, or it may involve actually testifying and presenting the evidence in court. While some cases may involve only monetary penalties if a party is found guilty, other cases may come with a prison term.

There is obviously the likelihood of potentially working on cases involving Jews. Although, this may also depend on the type and location of the job. For example, a forensic accountant at the FBI’s division of counterterrorism in Washington DC will probably work on few, if any, cases involving Jews, whereas if one works for the Manhattan District Attorney in New York, the likelihood greatly increases.

What would I need to consider before accepting a job in this field? I know that there might be an issue relating to mesirah? Are there other halachic considerations as well? Any guidance and resources will be greatly appreciated.



It’s allowed.



ראה שו”ת מהר”ם שיק חו”מ סי נ. דרכי שלום סימן מד. שבה”ל חלק ב סימן נח. ומיוסד על ב”מ פג, ב ושו”ת הרשב”א מובא בב”י סוף סי שפח. וראה שו”ת מאורות נתן סימן סא, ישורון חלק טו דף 656-60.

וראה גם שו״ת אג”מ או”ח ה סוף סימן ט. ובדומה לזה, באג”מ ח”מ א סימן צב, שהתיר כיון שאינו מחפש פשיעה. ובשו”ת תשובות והנהגות ג סימן תעו, נותן תנאים בדבר. אבל להעיר משו”ת משנה הלכות מהדו״ק חלק ו סימן שיג, שאוסר לגמרי.