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Can Bechor (firstborn son) who was born through C section serve in the Beis HaMikdash?



Hi, All my life I grew up thinking I was a Bechor of my family, but recently I found out I’m not. As I studied halacha a lot more I found out that Bechorim who weren’t born naturally are not technically Bechorim. This destroyed me. I’m a huge learner with regards to the Mikdash and it was always my dream to serve in it. After learning from the sages that Bechorim will serve in the third Mikdash with Kohanim and Levi’im I was very excited. Then I heard that a Bechor that was born through the means of C section doesn’t get the same privilege as a Bechor born through traditional birth. I decided to find a way to halachically and historically prove that Bechorim born through C section birth also serve in the Mikdash. I wanted to ask the Rabbi’s opinion on this. Is it possible to come up with halachic proof of this when a lot of the commentators go against it? What do you have to say about this? Am I a Bechor in terms of future serving in the Mikdash or not? Thanks for your time and have a great Shabbos and easy fast.



Someone born through C Section is not considered a Bechor in regards to most things, unless most of his body, or most of his front part of the skull (above the forehead), came out before the operation.



1. Regarding the work of Bechorim in the Beis Hamikdash -when Moshiach comes- it’s not clear when exactly, and in which period this will occur, but definitely not in the first period of the days of Moshiach.

2. You’re pain is understandable, as this is something you always anticipated, and now your hopes are dashed. If you discover that for whatever reason you will not be able to serve in the Mikdash you may find solace in the fact that this proves that this is not your mission in this world, and maybe your mission is something even higher. We have many great leaders, such as Moshe Rabeinu, or Dovid Hamelech, whom also cannot work in the Beis Hamikdash, as they are neither Kohanim or Bechorim.

Instead of wallowing in pain, and trying to investigate theoretical concepts that have no solid basis, you should channel this pain, and let it bring you to new heights, by intensifying your efforts for what IS your mission.

3. In regards to your actual point, there is a possibility, that when Moshiach comes, we will find out the Halacha is, like the opinion, that for work in Beis Hamikdash one only needs to be a Bechor to his father, and not his mother, which possibly includes one born through C Section. To explain: if work in the Mikdash requires one to be a bechor to his mother, then obviously someone who has been born through a C-section isn’t included. If however, the ruling will be that a firstborn to the father qualifies for work, this might include someone born from a C-section too. There are two reasons this may be so: 1. Maybe the Halacha then will be established according to to the someone born through C section, will be considered a firstborn regarding inheritance and accordingly for work in the Mikdash. 2. It’s also possible that regarding work in Beis Hamikdash the halacha is different than inheritance and someone born through a C-section might be included.



העבודה בבכורות – בקרא שפדיון הלוים הי׳ לבכור פטר רחם – במדבר ג, יב ובהעלותך ח, טז ואילך. אבל במג״א קכח, ז ובשו״ע אדה״ז קכח, י שבזמן המשכן העבודה בבכורות לאב. ולכאו׳ היינו גם לאב. או בתקופה אחרת, שרק מיצי״מ העבודה בפטר רחם. ובאוה״ת בראשית שמג, ב ואילך דהעבודה במשכן בבכור מהאם. וראה בזה אג״ק יח ע׳ רמח. וראה ס׳ מי טל פדה״ב מט ואילך. ווי העמודים וחשוקיהם כ, יא. ימוה״מ בהלכה א, מג.

אבל לעת״ל מצינו בדא״ח שהעבודה בבכור לאם דוקא – מאמרי אדה״ז מקץ ע׳ 23 ואילך. תקע״ב ע׳ קכח. מאמרי אדהאמ״צ מקץ ע׳ דש ואילך.

עבודה בבכורות בתחה״מ – סמוכים לעד לבעל שבט מוסר פ׳ תולדות. כ״ה במאמרי אדהאמ״צ שם ע׳ שיא.

שיחת כ׳ מנ״א תנש״א.

התיווך עם המבואר שהלוים יהיו כהנים – ראה אוה״ח ויחי מט. כח. במדבר ג, מה. אוה״ת במדבר וע׳ תתנא.  שיחת כ׳ מנ״א תנש״א. וראה ישמח משה ס״פ במדבר – מב, א.

יוצא דופן אינו בכור לנחלה. אבל דעת ר״ש שהראשון בכור – בכורות מז, ב במשנה.

ולכאו׳ תלוי אם העבודה בבכורות מצד חשיבות או מצד קדושה. ואת״ל שהבכורים של עכשיו יוולדו כהנים לעתיד – כהביאור בשיעורים בסה״ת נ בנוגע לזה שהלוים יהיו כהנים –  שייך שפיר שגם ביוצא דופן שחשוב כבכור אף שאינו בכור בפועל שיהי׳ כהן לעתיד.

ושו״מ סברא ששייכת עבודה בבכורות גם ביוצא דופן באמרי שפר צארום בכורות ע׳ קצא.