Moving during Sefira



We had moved out of our house a year ago to do renovations. The house is almost ready for us to move back. Are we allowed to move back during sefira, or should we push ourselves to go back for Pesach (which is extremely difficult but not impossible.)



There is no problem moving in during sefira. Of course Lag B’omer is better. If you wish, you can bring some stuff in before Pesach.

There is also no problem in making a chanukas habayis during sefira.



ראה שו”ת אבני צדק יו״ד מד. צי״א יא, מא. יחו״ד ג, ל.  חזו”ע יו”ט ע׳ ער ואילך. אשרי האיש ע׳ תלא. שבה״ל י, קלה, ג. ולהעיר מאג״ק י ע׳ תח.

וראה גם המענה מג׳ אייר תשמ״ח – נדפס בצדיק למלך ז ע׳ 235. ליקוט מענות תשמ״ח מענה ריב. שלחן מנחם ו ע׳ רלח.