I left a bottle of wine on my desk overnight, Can I use it?


Full Question:

I left non mevushal wine in an open brown bag on my desk in school overnight. There are non Jewish janitors that clean the room each day after everyone leaves.

Can I use the wine or should I throw it out?



If the wine is still sealed, or if it certainly wasn’t touched (and seen) by a non-Jew (i.e., it is clear that it remained inside the bag the entire time), it is permissible.

Otherwise, if it’s known that the wine was touched by a non-Jew, it should not be used and it must be discarded.

If it was merely seen by a non-Jew, it is permitted, but some have a stringency not to use it for kiddush or other kos shel bracha. Many chassidim practice this stringency. Others are particular not to use at all.

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