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What is the Din of a Milchig spoon that was washed in a Fleishig sink probably with hot water?


Assuming that there was Milchig residue on spoon, then If the water was below approximately 45 degrees Celsius or 113 Fahrenheit, or if there was a substantial amount of soap there (with only small amount of residue) before it reached that level of heat, there is no issue.

If you are in doubt there is room to be lenient as well. Otherwise you can pour hot water over your sink, and kasher spoon if it came in contact with sink.



עיין שאלה 12235:

I found a Milchig frying pan in the Fleishig drawer, which means it was very likely washed with steel wood used for other Fleishige dishes. What do I do?



בלי ממשות אין להחמיר בעירוי – עיין ברמ”א צה, ג ושך סק”כ ט״ז סקי”ב, אף שהפר”מ בשפ”ד כ מחמיר באין הפ”מ אף בשניהם נקיים אם אין ששים נגד קליפת האחד.




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