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Knife raised as if to stab a person



Is a knife that someone used as if he’s going to stab someone else become trief? And how do I kasher it?

I was told that the knife has to be buried in earth for days, is there anything to that?



It is not treif.

It has been famously said that in this case the knife does not become treif, but the one who used it in this manner does become treif…

PS. It is possible that a source for this is in order to prevent people from using knives against other people even in play mode.



ראה גיטין נז, ב שלא להראות סכין בעצמו. ובדרך רמז רחוק להעיר מהשקו״ט אם סכין שהרג יהודי טעון קבורה – ראה חשוקי חמד סנהדרין מה, ב.




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