At what age is it appropriate to start teaching a toddler Alef Beis? And is it a problem to start earlier?


From 3 years old the child should be taught the letters. Beforehand, as soon as the child is able to speak, he should be taught תורה צוה, שמע and other Pesukim. It would seem that the names of the Alef Beis (by heart) would be in the same category. (Some are particular not to teach the letters from a text before this age, but the Rebbe writes that we aren’t particular about this).

Regardless, the Minhag by Yidden is to sing songs with words of Torah, and surround the child with letters of Torah, from a very young age.



ראה הל’ ת”ת לאדה”ז בתחלתו. אג”ק כ”ק אד”ש חי”ב ע’ רפח. חי”ד ע’ מ, ושם: ישנם נזהרים מלימוד לפני ג’ שנים, וע”פ מ”ש ג’ שנים כו’ יהיו לכם כו’, אבל לא ראיתי אנ”ש נזהרים בכגון דא, ולכל היותר יש לחלק בין לימוד בע”פ ללימוד בכתב.