Are Bamboo Mats just as Mehudar as the bamboo poles?


We have been using the regular bamboo poles for our sukkah. Each year, we are given the suggestion to use the mats which seem to be more convenient. As we expand our sukkah and we need to replace some of the bamboo poles, we are wondering if the mats are just as mehudar as the bamboo poles? If yes, is there a specific mat or a specific hashgacha that we should look for?



The concept of using a mat as Schach is actually brought down in Shulchan Aruch (although this mat wasn’t made specially for the Sukkah). There are several halachic guidelines enumerated in Poskim to ensure a mat is kosher for Schach.

There is a story brought down, that during the break on Yom Kippur one year the Rebbe Rashab and Rav Yakkov Landau were discussing the Gemaras and Poskim regarding using a mat as Schach.

Some Rabbonim who are OK with buying mats that are made with metal wiring, but many maintain they are unkosher as they are mekabel tumah. The ones that are weaved with natural material can be used lechatchilah so long as they are not made for reclining (some are machmir when made as a curtain).

It is recommended to get a mat with a proper hechsher, however Ask The Rav can’t vouch for one hecsher over the other.

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Is there any source to use specifically green (evergreen or palm branches) for Schach?



ראה שוע”ר סי’ תרכט סעי’ ז-ט והנסמן בפסק”ת שם ס”ו. בנעשה לוילון – ראה ביצה יד, ב. אבל לא מיירי ממחצלת קנים.

יש שהביאו מבכורי יעקב שם סק״ו שכתב בזה ״אל יטוש תורת אמו מנהג אבותיו שנהגו בכ״מ לסכך בענפי אילן וכדומה״. אבל בפשטות מיירי רק כשיש חשש בכשרות, עייש״ה. ומפי השמועה שכ״ק אד”ש מיאן אפי׳ בקני סוף – ראה בית משיח 296 ע׳ 41. ולהעיר מלקו״ש לט ע׳ 406.

ראה אוצר מנהגי חב״ד ע׳ רלא מפי הגר״י ע״ה לנדא. ובהעו״ב גל׳ תקפה ע׳ 45 הוסיף לספר בשמו מכלי שני – ולא הובא באוצר שם – שסיככו באותה שנה במחצלת.