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Is it permitted to get laser eye surgery? Did the Rebbe say anything about it?


After confirming by a Doctor -you are close to- that it is safe, you may do it if its to prevent aggravation or pain, whether physical or emotional, but simply for convenience it should be avoided.

See here as well.

Numerous times the Rebbe would advise against surgery in general, unless absolutely necessary, see here.



ראה אג”מ ח”מ ב סו,חלקת יעקב ג, לא, יביע אומר ח ח”מ יב. ציץ אליעזר יא, מא, מנחת יצחק ו, קה ב. מנחת שלמה ב, פב מנחת שלמה תנינא פו, ג.

.Rav J. David Bleich Judaism and Healing pp.126-129




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