Do apricots or honey need a Hechsher?



Raw unflavored honey which is 100% pure and filtered may be used without a Hechsher. However, retail size honey often goes through heating which can be a problem when using shared equipment. It is therefore recommended to purchase honey only with a Hechsher. One must ensure that no other ingredients are added like alcohol and sweeteners. Additionally, the honey needs to be filtered very well from any pieces of the bees that can get mixed in it.



Fresh apricots do not require a Hechsher unless they are from Eretz Yisroel. Even dried apricots, if produced out of Eretz Yisroel (usually they are made in Turkey), do not require a Hechsher, provided they are unflavored, and without additives, since no other ingredients go in the drying process. Sulfur dioxide added is not a concern. However, some apricot companies season their apricots with flavoring to give their apricots a unique taste. Therefore, to be on the safer side it is best to buy only with a Hechsher as food processing is always changing. One must certainly ensure the apricots are insect free. They must be checked appropriately.