I cut olives with a meat knife on a dairy cutting board…


…The dairy cutting board was used to cut onions a few hours earlier and the meat knife was used about 24 hours ago to cut meat.

What is the status of the knife, cutting board and salad that the olives are in?



Assuming the knife and cutting board were clean, If it used for hot meat the olives are Meaty. If it was used to cut cold meat, the olives are Parve.

All the utensils should be washed in cold water and are fine.



שו”ע יו”ד צו, ד ובש”ך ס”ק כ שם. שם קיד, ח וברמ”א שם. שוע”ר תמז, ס. אג”ק אדמו”ר (מוהרש”ב) נ”ע ח”ה ע’ רכ”ג.