Is mother’s milk considered pareve, milchig or fleishig?


Q. Must I wash bottles or dishes of breast milk with its own sponge?

A. Mother’s milk is considered Pareve. However, we give it the status of Milchig because of Maris Ayin (that people might not know that this is breast milk and think that it’s regular milk).

Therefore, ideally, you should wash pumps and dishes in Milchig or Pareve, but not with Fleishig. If it was washed by mistake in Fleishig, it is still Kosher.


Q. I only have a fleishig dishwasher, can I put a breast milk bottle in it?

A. Lechatchila you shouldn’t do it. However, if it is rinsed first you may put it there.



.עיין שו״ע יו״ד סימן פז סעיף ד ורע״א שם פ. וראה דרכי תשובה מה שכתב בשם חגורת שמואל אם שייך היכר




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  • Yossi May 11, 2021 - 1 year ago

    Keep in mind that once it has been washed in a Fleishig dishwasher it becomes actual Fleishig, and can not be washed afterward with hot Milchig. The same is true in the reverse, if it was washed with hot Milchig it can not be washed with hot Fleishig.

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