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Are you allowed to answer Amen to someone else’s Birchos Kriyas Shema (not the Chazan) if you are also saying Birchos Kriyas Shema? If yes, what if that person is a child?


Yes, if it is the same Berocho as the one you just finished.
There is no difference in this case if it is a child, providing he is actually davening and not just learning the Berocho.



וע״ר סי’ נ”ט ס”ד. וראה בקצות השולחן סי’ י”ט ס”א: ”מהש”צ או מאחר”.

ובשוע”ר סי’ רט”ו ס”ב – כשהילד מחוייב כדי לפטור עצמו.